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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Kent Macauley

Kent Macauley

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

After growing up on a grain farm in south western Saskatchewan, I completed degrees in History and Education at the University of Saskatchewan, and a Diploma in Intercultural Education and Training at the University of Victoria. My employment has been mainly in adult education and administration in the community college system, museums, NGOs, and provincial governments in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Currently, I am the Constituency Assistant to a Saskatoon MLA. I have volunteered with queer organizations and political groups in Saskatchewan and BC.

I wanted to combine my strong sense of economic and social justice with my keen interest in other countries and cultures. A few years ago, when I was scouting out the most likely international development organization in which to become involved, I decided on Oxfam because of its rights-based approach to development and also its emphasis on speaking out and taking action on the challenge of poverty and inequality internationally and within Canada simultaneously. I am also a strong supporter of Oxfam Canada’s focus on women’s rights and gender equality as an effective means to advance our vision.

I am the Regional Director (Prairies Region) on the board of directors of Oxfam Canada, and serve as chair of the board’s Policy Committee. I’m on the Prairies Regional Steering Committee and have participated in the past three Regional Assemblies. I have chatted up numerous individuals while staffing Oxfam tables locally.

I have particularly appreciated the extensive skills and deep commitment of the members of the Oxfam Canada board of directors. I have gained a more rounded knowledge of how effective development takes place. Specifically, Oxfam has given me clear illustrations of how the empowerment of citizens is achieved when their needs are being fulfilled and their participation in determining their futures is enabled.

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