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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Katie McCracken

Katie McCracken

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

As a student of political science and development studies, and activist for universal human rights I was naturally drawn to Oxfam Canada for its dedication to partnerships within the countries they work, sustainable livelihoods, social justice and human rights.

My interest in international development began as a high school student when I travelled to the Dominican Republic on an awareness/outreach project. This interest became a passion, one that lead me through an undergraduate degree at Queens University in Political Science, and a post graduate certification from Humber school of Business in International Project Management. During this time I have been actively involved in volunteering both at an international level as a teacher in Ghana, West Africa and with numerous Canadian non governmental organizations and University clubs.

Following my postgraduate work, I was honoured to have the opportunity to work as an intern, co-coordinating the national CHANGE Initiative program in the Ottawa office. The CHANGE Initiative is annual youth leadership training program, which brings Oxfam youth members from across Canada to play an active role in knowledge and skill based workshops and action planning for the upcoming university year. As a former student activist, I was thrilled to be involved in the planning of such a dynamic and innovative youth forum, where Oxfam youth, staff and volunteers met to conspire and collaborate on Oxfam campaigns, issues and action for the coming year.

Through my time at Oxfam Canada I gained valuable experience in public outreach, project planning and facilitation. I had the opportunity to work and interact with skilled development practitioners and participate in Oxfam staff workshops, national assemblies, and experience Oxfam America’s dynamic youth training. I was particularly pleased to learn of Oxfam Canada’s renewed strategic focus and dedication to women’s rights and access to universal public services, a root cause of the perpetuation of poverty and inequality worldwide. Above and beyond the extension of knowledge I have gained surrounding crucial and relevant global issues, I have enhanced my skill base attained in my education and volunteer work and been truly inspired by the energetic youth members and dedicated Oxfam staff.

I look forward to transferring the knowledge and skills I have taken from my placement at Oxfam Canada to my daily work. Although my official post has come to an end I look forward to future involvement as an Oxfam member and volunteer in the years to come!

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