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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Kat Southam

Kat Southam

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

A fundamental belief in community and human rights has steered me towards a life path of volunteering on both the international and community level.

My first major involvement with Oxfam was in 2007 when I participatedin a youthleadership training campin Nicaragua. The camp was facilitated by an Oxfam partner organizationcalled `Puentos de Encuentros, or `meeting points.Participants from youth organizations all over Central America got together to break down socialbarriers and build bridges between individuals and organizations through different activities and creative expression.

This experience provided me with an incredible insight into the social dynamics of Central America and further knowledge on the dynamics of youth workshops. The impact of the two weeksI spent there will last a lifetime. I have since been able to contribute what I learned in Nicaragua to the workshops we do here in Vancouver and I am still learning from our experiences there.

After returning from Nicaragua I organized a Food Security Awareness Week atSimon Fraser University (SFU).SFU Oxfamer campus club membersand I worked hard and had fun educating the student body about fair trade and the future of agriculture.

Currently, I help facilitate workshops in local schools in order to educateyouth about equality and human rights. It is both rewarding and inspiring to speak withyouth about such pertinent social issues and this work is very important to me. We are able to effect change in our society through empowering the younger generations with a greater social conscience and understanding. Intuitive social action such as this is what characterizes Oxfam for me and that is why I feel so happy to play a small part in such a positive and inspiring movement.

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