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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Jennifer Morden

Jennifer Morden

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

In the Spring of 2008 I graduated from Queen’s University. I have spent the last year immersing myself in both the work that Oxfam Canada does. This year I helped to organize many Oxfam events on campus and in the greater Kingston area. In addition, I served as a member of Oxfam’s Ontario Regional Steering Committee.

I find Oxfam to be an incredible organization, very different from others in its genre. Oxfam is an organization that I have always heard about. I appreciate the variety of campaigns that Oxfam runs. Specifically, I am intrigued by the emergency relief programs that Oxfam runs. Most importantly, Oxfam is an established organization with offices around the world and is in contact with larger bodies such as the UN.

The Oxfam Canada co-ordinators do an incredibly good job at outlining the exact steps that need to be taken in promoting their organization, their cause, getting people involved, and upholding and expanding its position on the world stage. Further, Oxfam is very welcoming and inclusive to new volunteers. Oxfam co-ordinators make an effort to facilitate communication between university campuses andcommunity groups across the country.

Most recently I have been involved with organizing activities including Hungry 4 Change Banquets, Open for All campaign actions and fundraising with Oxfam Unwrapped. The most awarding experience I have had as an Oxfam member has been to be the external co-ordinator for the Queen’s U Oxfam campus club. It was truly an honor to have the chance to be in contact with Oxfam groups around the country on a regular basis. I was in constant contact with Oxfam Canada’s co-ordinators who are fascinating and accomplished people. Further, I got the opportunity to be a member of the Ontario Regional Steering Committee. As such, I felt that I experienced a higher level of involvement in Oxfam.

Through my involvement with OxfamI have learned a great deal. I have not only become more educated on world issues, but I have learned a lot of the logistics behind addressing these issues. I am becoming educated on how we, as citizens of Canada can work with other countries in solving social issues. Further, I have learned how to be a productive member of an organization locally by getting friends, family, and people in the community involved in social issue campaigns and efforts.

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