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Introducing: Little Pea

by Oxfam | April 16, 2012

This blog was published by Rachel Edwards on 05 April 2012 on Oxfam On TourOpens a new window.

As I write, i’m sat in the Oxfam head office, packing up the final things for the Coldplay crew to pack onto the tour buses. In a few hours our case of food costumes, stickers and stamps and our brand new photo booth will be on its way to Canada to join the first leg of Coldplay’s global Mylo Xyloto tour.
Hi, i’m Rachel, the new tour coordinator for Oxfam on Tour with Coldplay. I will be blogging about my journey through Canada, US and Europe, discussing all the wonderful things that come with a Coldplay tour and joining up with hundreds of campaigners and fans to talk about the injustices in the food system and how they affect millions around the world, as well as the food we all love.
Food is something I can talk about for hours; my favourite food, the strangest thing I eaten, my best pizza vendor. When it comes to choosing where my food comes from, I am very careful to think about free range, local or if I’m feeling swish, organic.
But what I don’t understand is why the food system is in such disarray. So many people go hungry, yet in some countries we waste up to a quarter of the food we buy. I see so much food outside my local shop that is thrown away because it’s the wrong shape or size. Surely this system can’t be working; shouldn’t we be sharing our food wealth?
What is exciting to see is that so many people feel the same way and thousands of people have already signed up to the GROW wall and are following us on Twitter. It isn’t just Oxfam that feels the system needs fixing, millions globally feels this, too.
So my journey starts here, little old ‘pea’ in a tour case, ready to leave London and start talking with campaigners and Coldplayers globally about how we can fix the food system. I can’t wait to see you all at the gigs or chatting on Twitter. So if you’re at a Coldplay gig, make sure you come and speak to our campaigners and get your picture taken with Oxfam. Or if you can’t get there this time, I’ll be tweeting from @oxfamontour. Tweet #lovefoodhateinjustice and your photo will appear on our GROW wall.
See you all across the ocean! Rachel.
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