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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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GROW-ing a better future

by Oxfam | June 6, 2011


On June 1, 2011 we kicked off the national GROW campaign launch by staging eye catching photo opportunities in public spaces across Canada. These stunts were designed to get people talking about alarming food price rises and their impact on global hunger.

Moving from East to West, volunteers and staff members mobilized to create the following actions:

In St. John’s energetic volunteers in vegetable costumes lined the Prince Philip Parkway carrying price tags warning commuters about how millions of people around the world cannot afford adequate food due to rising food prices.

In Halifax, 15 Oxfam volunteers came out to support Oxfam’s outreach efforts, walking through the downtown core and up to Citadel Hill. This group helped to inform Haligonians about the need to fix our broken global food system.

A massive photo opportunity took place in Toronto at Trinity Square Park. Seven volunteers dressed up as vegetables posed with a 30ft, living GROW structure created by a team of talented artists from the Toronto School of Art. The unusual scene caught the attention of passersby and the ‘veggies’ handed out information on the campaign, encouraging them to support our efforts to creating a world where everyone has enough to eat, always, and where the role of women in food production is respected.

In Saskatoon seven volunteers marched through downtown distributing campaign brochures and speaking to people about the reality of food justice in the world, and how they can support the campaign. Policy and Outreach Officer, Danielle Paydli reflected upon the response to outreach in Saskatoon, “The public is animated, open and interested to learn about our campaign."

The launch experience was terrific and staff members and volunteers are all the more energized about GROW.

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