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Florence Whitby

Florence Whitby

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

During the 1930s my father was a social activist, and his quiet example meant that I have always been aware of social injustice. Over the years I have done volunteer work with a number of different NGOs.  

For many years I have been a regular donor to Oxfam Canada, but it was only when I heard of the terrible devastation caused by the Asian tsunami that I began volunteering. In early 2005 I started working part-time at the Oxfam Canada office in Halifax.

Nowadays I do clerical jobs there, for four hours each week. I answer the telephone, make calls, help organize mass mailings things like that. As well I am able to use some of the special skills I learned during the 30 years I was a high-school librarian. Although I don't use the computers or deal with e-mail, I hope that the tasks I perform will help take some of the everyday burden off the staff.

I enjoy working in this office and I am delighted to be in the midst of so many youthful, articulate, and motivated volunteers. They have the young legs and can be the activists. Meanwhile I can support them by helping with the routine paper work that always has to be done in any office. I have found that Oxfam is kind to and needful of Luddites like me.

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