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Erica Barbazza

Erica Barbazza

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

I am currently a student at the University of Western Ontario, completing an Honours Specialization in Health Sciences with a minor in Globalization Studies. I have been able to take advantage of many opportunities, both on and off campus, making university life an exciting and rewarding experience.

At the beginning of the summer, I was fortunate to receive an internship in Oxfam Canada’s Toronto office working with youth on the CHANGE Initiative leadership training program. It has provided the perfect balance between my interests and experience. The CHANGE Initiative started in 2005 to provide students from across Canada with both knowledge and skill-based workshops. With these experiences CHANGE Leaders translate the program into their university campuses across Canada.

While working on the programming of CHANGE, I have had the unique experience of traveling to Oxfam America and participating in their CHANGE Initiative, giving me the opportunity to experience the Oxfam Federation first hand. It has also given me an appreciation for youth engagement and its long term outcomes. As well, I have gained a deep appreciation for the amount of time and dedication it requires developing and implementing similar projects in this field.

My internship with Oxfam has allowed me to gain invaluable skills in my field, it has been an outlet to explore development issues, and has motivated me to pursue a similar career path. I have been inspired by the work that Oxfam does, both nationally and internationally, and I look forward to the many exciting opportunities that this internship has opened the doors to.

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