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Deborah Schaeffer

Deborah Schaeffer

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

I just completed my bachelor degree in political and administrative science at the University of Konstanz in Germany. In my studies I learned a lot about the situation in developing countries, as well as the administrative side of non-governmental organizations. During my six month break in between my bachelor and my masters, I wanted to be exposed to the `real world of international development to see whether my theoretical background is applicable. I applied for a summer internship with Oxfam Canada, because not only did I want to engage myself in a NGO, but I also wanted to work abroad. I am very happy that Oxfam Canada gave me this possibility.

Throughout my years of schooling I have followed the work of Oxfam. In my mind Oxfam stands out amongst the NGO for their very specific programs. Oxfam Canada appealed to me the most since I really like their approach to youthengagement and the empowerment of volunteers.

During my summer internship in the BC Regional Office in Vancouver, I was mainly involved in the planning and coordination of outreachfor the For All Public Services Campaign at festivals, including training with volunteers. Besides this I helped out at various events, did research and gave community presentations about the work of Oxfam.

My most rewarding experience with Oxfam this summer was to inform people about the issue of lack of public servicesin developing countries and to give them the possibility to get involved to do something about it, as well as seeing people to follow up with Oxfam after giving them an introduction of Oxfam’s work.

I have learned a lot about the work of Oxfam. I improved my coordination and communication skills and strengthened my committmentto work with an international aid agency like Oxfam and I am happy that my studies and internship experience have given me the possibility to continue in this professional field.

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