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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Crystal Boeur

Crystal Boeur

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

I am a secondary social sciences and art teacher. I am interested in working with youth to learn about the global issues and community activism. I have been on the Prairie Regional Steering Committee the past two years, and working as part of the Education outreach team to deliver presentations to groups in Saskatoon.

I became involved with Oxfam because of the high emphasis on overseas work supporting local people and organisations at the grass roots level to help end poverty. I also was impressed by the investigative, analytical studies that Oxfam does to ensure their work is purposeful and ethical. I became involved because I knew this was an organization I could stand proudly behind with their campaign work in Canada.

As a volunteer I have helpedwith raising awareness of issues, and showing people in Canada what they can do to help make a difference. For example,promoting apetition to remind the government to live up to its promise to raise foreign aid to 0.7% percent, or by telling people why, how and where to buy fair trade goods.

Being apart of the 2007 National Assembly was the most rewarding experience I have had with Oxfam so far. I had the privilege of listening and speaking with several of Oxfam’s overseas partners, and dedicated volunteers from across Canada. It was a great strength building experience to witness the resilience of people living in difficult situations, and to put my own life moreinto context.

I have learned that all people have human rights, as stated in the Universal Declaration, the difficulty is being able to exercise those rights in this world (even in Canada). Those in power would like to keep power, and will deny others their rights in order to maintain that power. Unfortunately women and children are often the ones with the least power and consequently are the most impoverished.

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