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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Cristin Talentino

Cristin Talentino

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

My name is Cristin Talentino, and I have resided in Vancouver for the past two years while attending Langara College in the Peace and Conflict studies program. I have always had an active interest in social justice issues, and the diverse communities that reside in Vancouver have offered a great opportunity for collaboration with the members of my community. My passion and keen interest to learn from others has made me want to devote my life to helping and collaborating, in any way I can, to make the lives of fellow global citizens better.

Oxfam has provided an incredibly warm and welcoming support system to me and other new members. In the initial stages of learning about Oxfam, the passion, humility and dedication that embody Oxfam volunteers, interns and coordinators has continually inspired me to try to make a difference. The work that Oxfam does around the world is extremely important and has continued to provide hope that equality and social justice is possible in this world.

I was one of three members that started the Oxfam Langara club on campus last November, and currently lead the PR Team for Oxfam Langara. We displayed regular information tables and events on various campaigns throughout the school year and successfully hosted our first major event, the aWear Fundraising Fashion Show in early April.

My most rewarding experience has been witnessing and being a part of a very diverse group of people coming together for a great cause. I have learned an incredible amount of skills and perspectives from other members of Oxfam and know I will continue to learn more throughout my volunteer experiences.

I have learned that any change is possible through direct action and collaboration with others. My experiences in speaking out for social justice issues have helped my confidence and approach to welcoming others to do the same.

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