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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Colin Gingras

Colin Gingras

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

I am currently in my 3rd year of Business at the University of Regina. Around a year before I was introduced to Oxfam by my friend Ben, I remember talking to another friend about wanting to join or start up a group on campus that focused on helping people live better lives. I believe in kindness and the power to create change through positive examples, encouragement and support. When I was introduced to Oxfam I was immediately drawn to the organization’s strengths. Oxfam’s focus is empowering and inspiring and will lead Oxfam towards creating more and more change throughout the world.

I have been involved with planning and facilitating events to educate students and community members about issues that are occurring around the world. I have led meetings and promoted the organization to gain support through people power. I attended both the National Assembly and Change Initiative youth leadership trainingin 2007 to better understand the issues Oxfam’s volunteers and partners are facing globally. Finally, I am currently the student leader of the Oxfam volunteer group in Regina and am looking forward to a great year, with a fantastic group of volunteers.

There have been countless rewards from my experience with Oxfam, including meeting so many people who share the same goals, values and dreams. Each of these people has inspired me in different ways and added passion and purpose to everything I do.

Through volunteering with Oxfam I now have a better understanding on many of the issues the world is facing in regards to poverty and human rights. I have bettered my communication skills, presentation skills and team building abilities and look forward to continued personal growth in the future.

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