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Challenge accepted!

by Oxfam | October 5, 2011


Last week, I committed to taking our World Food Challenge, as part of GROW Week (October 15-22). Part of the Challenge is to eat a meal made of local, organic and/or fair trade ingredients for World Food Day (October 16th).

Committing to eat foods that are local, organic or fair trade really doesn’t need to be as complicated as it may seem at first thought. Those of us in Ontario have an abundance of local produce to choose from, and for a bit more of an adventure, there are local fruit and vegetable farms where you can pick your own.

My journey began with apple picking at an orchard near Toronto, and – with a little luck – will end with a dessert featuring the lovely apples I picked alongside some great company. Who doesn’t love a good excuse to get together with a group of friends for a great meal, or to have an opportunity to hand pick food we enjoy every day?

I’m feeling pretty inspired by stories we’re hearing from across the country – stories from people like Cathie French from St. John’s, Newfoundland, who have committed to the World Food Challenge. Cathie’s pictured here with some veggies grown in her home garden. She’ll be using these to cook up her WFC meal on World Food Day.

As we head into Thanksgiving weekend, I’m thankful for not only having access to healthy and nutritious food, but also for initiatives like the World Food Challenge. It’s a reminder of the small steps each of us can take toward rebuilding a food system where everyone has enough to eat, always.

GROW Week will feature a host of events in Oxfam communities from coast to coast.  If you live in a community where Oxfam isn’t hosting events, and would like to contribute virtually to our work, the eStreet Team is for you!  We’ll be utilizing social media creatively through GROW week, and would love your support in getting the word out.  You can sign up for the eStreet Team, here.

I’ll be taking the World Food Challenge, along with Cathie and hundreds of other Canadians.  Will you join us?

Victoria Harnett is Oxfam Canada’s outreach officer in Ontario.


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