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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Carly Teng

Carly Teng

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

In recent years I’ve been involved with several organizations that fight for social justice, for example, Katimavik, Habitat for Humanity, and the Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS. I became aware of Oxfam when I was based in New Delhi on an HIV/AIDS internship with Canada World Youth.

Oxfam’s slogan "helping people help themselves" caught my eye, since I strongly support that same approach. I really appreciate Oxfam’s policy of involving women and marginalized people, and trying to create sustainable programs.

So, when I returned to Vancouver I got involved with Oxfam right away. During the summer of 2005 I helped organize Oxfam’s Food Security Symposium, and staffed information tables at festivals and fairs. Since then I’ve contributed to Oxfam workshops, collaborated with other groups on events like the Urban Youth Cafe and the World Peace Forum, and helped with big campaigns such as Make Poverty History.

My most rewarding experiences as a volunteer have been meeting dynamic people who share my passions. It has been great to have so many interesting conversations with other young people, and to draw upon their motivation and creativity and energy.

Currently I’m employed as the Youth Public Education Coordinator for the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation. My job is to organize youth-oriented events in support of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. At the same time I’m enrolled at Capilano College, where I’m working toward my transfer to Simon Fraser University and a major in international studies.

My volunteer experience with Oxfam has strengthened both my employment and my schoolwork. Oxfam is a great source of information, and when I’m involved with the organization I find myself in a constant process of learning. Oxfam gives me a fresh perspective on global issues and introduces me to many inspiring projects.  


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