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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Blake Crossley

Blake Crossley

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

I hold a sociology degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a post graduate degree in IT from the College of the North Atlantic. I am currently the main local contact for for the wood buffalo region of Alberta and recently named an official blogger for as well. I also founded an Oxfam volunteer group in Northern Alberta.

Back in 2005, I became part of the campaign. During that time myself and two other friends decided to raise awareness by sending a banner across Canada and then delivering it to our Prime Minister. From there many organizations including Oxfam took the banner as well as it being present at the U2 shows here in Canada. We managed to collect close to 20,000 signatures along with Bono and delivered it to the Prime Minister’s Office. Oxfam was the organization that stood out during the campaign.

Since starting an Oxfam community group, we have organized events such as a Hungry 4 Change banquet, Music 4 Change fundraisers and tabling at local festivals. Getting the community of Fort McMurray and region behind the organization has been very rewarding.

Also I am a CUPE member and with the joint partnership with Oxfam in the For All campaign, we are getting the message out to local union members here in the city as well!


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