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10 of the most popular foods – which have you eaten?

by Oxfam | June 16, 2011

Food is a centre piece of our lives, and we’re involved with it on so many levels – it’s fuel for our bodies, it can be a hobby (you know who you are, foodies!), it’s can be an expression of our life experiences, as well as a source of pride.  We all eat food, and many of your fellow Canadians play a key role in producing and sharing food .  From your local farmer, the chef at your fav new restaurant or your neighbour whose passion is her garden – food is all around us.

To coincide with this research on global attitudes to food, we’d like you to have a bit of fun with us – a taste test based on 10 of the foods that are strong favourites from around the world!

Have a look below.  Which of the ten foods listed have you eaten?

Once you’re finished, if you like we would encourage you to leave a comment below to fill us in on your favourite food.  Or maybe you would like to issue a personal GROW challenge to our readers. 

My challenge to you – share the survey above with your friends, and help Oxfam demand action from the G20 on rising food prices, so everyone has enough to eat –always.

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