Our Commitment to Accountability

Oxfam Canada’s vision of ending global poverty through women’s rights is best realized by promoting active citizenship, gender equity and by being more accountable in the ways we govern ourselves and treat each other.

In order to achieve our organizational mission and to ensure that our work has the greatest impact on peoples lives, we believe it is vital to be accountable to our key stakeholders. Key stakeholders include the individuals and communities with whom we work; partners and allies; donors and supporters; staff and the wider public; and regulatory bodies in Canada and in countries where we operate. It also means meeting the highest standards of reporting.

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Oxfam Canada Internal Policies 

 Accountability commitments 

For more information please visit Oxfam Canada Codes of Conduct.

Oxfam Canada seeks to learn and identify areas in which we might improve. To provide feedback or learn more about Oxfam Canada policies, contact info@oxfam.ca