Our Commitment to Accountability

Oxfam Canada’s vision of ending global poverty through women’s rights is best realized by promoting active citizenship, gender equity and by being more accountable in the ways we govern ourselves and treat each other.

Being accountable to our multiple stakeholders is central to Oxfam Canada's commitment to openness and transparency, and to our aspiration as a learning organization. This means holding ourselves openly responsible for what we believe, and for doing what we say we will do. It also means meeting the highest standards of reporting.

Oxfam Canada’s accountability commitments include its adherence to a number of external standards, codes and charters as well as key internal policies. Our accountability commitments are listed in our Codes of Conduct. Oxfam Canada is a signatory to the International Non-Governmental Organizations Accountability Charter, joining other signatory NGOs from around the world in a common commitment to excellence, transparency and accountability.

Look for Oxfam Canada financial reports here:

Improving our Social Accountability Mechanisms

Oxfam Canada was the first Canadian non-governmental organization and the first of any Oxfam affiliate in the world to have participated in a constituency voice survey conducted by the independent firm Keystone Accountability.

In 2011, Oxfam Canada partners participated in the Keystone confidential survey that asked partners to rate and comment on different aspects of Oxfam Canada’s performance. The responses were benchmarked in reference to other international non-governmental organizations that have also carried out the survey with their partner organizations. Check out the survey results here.

As a result of this initiative, Oxfam Canada was recognized by the Canadian Council for International Co-operation for its transparency and accountability. The CCIC included the Oxfam Canada initiative in a series of case studies highlighting the best practices of the Istanbul Principles in international work that respects human rights and social justice.

Gender equality and women’s rights are incorporated into everything that Oxfam Canada does. Read more here about how we’re walking the talk on women’s rights.

Program Evaluations

Oxfam Canada supports the work of One World Trust to generate wider commitment to the principles and values of accountability; increase the accountability of global organizations to those they affect; and strengthen the capacity of civil society to better engage in decision-making processes.

In accordance with One World Trust, Oxfam Canada believes the evaluation process and the results that emerge from it can inform ongoing activities and future decision-making, providing information that will allow an organization to improve its performance and thus make it more accountable to its goals and objectives.

Oxfam Canada adheres to Oxfam International’s policy on program evaluation. This requires Oxfam Confederation members to act on the commitment to transparency by ensuring executive summaries and all final evaluations of major program efforts are available to the public.  
We continue to work to strengthen our commitment to accountability in the following ways: