Codes of Conduct

Oxfam Canada's work is guided by codes of conduct and internal policies. Our commitment to accountability is also reflected in our complaints policy.

Oxfam Canada subscribes to codes of conduct that frame our commitments to accountability related to good governance, financial management, program delivery, fundraising, communications, volunteer engagement and human resources. We also have a number of internal policies that further identify our commitments and practices. If you feel we are not abiding by the codes or policies, you are welcome to lodge a complaint.

Codes of Conduct



Internal policies

Oxfam Canada also has a number of internal policies that further identify our commitments and practices.

These include:


Health and Safety policies



Oxfam believes that any stakeholder has the right to make a complaint, have that complaint addressed and receive a response for mistakes, wrongful actions or breaches of the codes to which Oxfam Canada subscribes.

Complainants are encouraged to submit their concerns in writing, by email or mail, addressed to the executive director or the appropriate manager.

Oxfam Canada will endeavour to assess and respond to complaints in writing as quickly as possible (preferably within two weeks). Complainants will be kept informed of delays to investigation of an issue (e.g. due to unavailability of relevant staff, etc.). Every effort will be made to address and resolve the complaint.

If the complaint is well founded, Oxfam Canada will endeavour to provide redress (e.g. a retraction, or recompense, etc.), or where this is not possible or appropriate, provide a formal written apology.

If the complainant concludes that a complaint has not been satisfactorily addressed, the issue will be referred to the management team for a response through the executive director. If the complainant is still not satisfied, they can request that the issue be raised with the Board. Frivolous or vexatious complaints will not be investigated.

Click here for Oxfam Canada completeComplaints policy:  PDF icon oxfam_canada_complaints_policy.pdf.

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