Our People

Oxfam Canada Board of Directors

Oxfam Canada is a people organization. We depend on and value our staff and volunteers, who provide the hard work, experience, commitment and vision that ensures our organization achieves its goals.

Oxfam Canada’s organizational culture supports leadership development and is aligned with Oxfam values and brand. We are dedicated to advancing gender justice, diversity, being an equal opportunity employer and ensuring the safety of all staff and volunteers, including commitments to LGBTI staff (read our Code of Conduct here).

We work with our partners around the world to help them become more effective change agents as well at the local/community level, through the use of more democratic and gender-equal organizational structures, policies, procedures and programming (learn more about our 2009-14 Engendering Change program here).

At Oxfam Canada, we work hard to ensure our staff and volunteers feel connected to “One Oxfam” – a shared global culture that values and encourages innovation and agility, and is based on accountability, trust, realism and honesty, with role models and leadership from the highest levels.

Oxfam Canada Board for 2013 to 2016

Margaret Hancock, Chair

Margaret is the executive director of Family Service Toronto. For ten years, Margaret was the Warden of the University of Toronto’s Hart House. Prior to Hart House, Margaret served as executive director of Toronto’s Choice in Health Clinic. She once served as Ontario Regional Coordinator and then Ontario Education Program Coordinator for Oxfam Canada, and will serve for her third term on Oxfam Canada’s Board of Directors.

Nidhi Tandon, Vice-Chair

Originally from East Africa, now based in Toronto, Nidhi designs and facilitates grassroots workshops for women’s organizations, small business and farmer communities, enabling women to organize and articulate their priorities around sustainable development. Much of her work revolves around the relationships between women and water, energy, natural resources, food security and policy decisions but she also works on issues related to information and communications technologies and applications that enhance women’s livelihoods in developing countries. Nidhi is the founder of Networked Intelligence for Development. Nidhi is returning for her second term on Oxfam Canada’s Board of Directors.

Lewis Auerbach, Treasurer

Lewis has many years of experience on non-profit boards, as a Chair, as a Committee Chair, and as a member. His background includes several senior positions in the federal government, including serving as a Director in the Audit Operations Branch of the Office of the Auditor General and Commissioner of the Environment. He has extensive exposure to governance/accountability and financial issues, strategic planning, and financial management on non-profit Boards, and in professional consulting work. In addition to serving on the Oxfam Canada board, he is president of the Harvard Club of Ottawa and a Board Member of the Great Canadian Theatre Company.

Judy Cavanagh
British Columbia

Currently working with developing countries through the Cavanagh Group, Judy has served Deputy Minister of Women’s Equality dealing with programming issues on violence and childcare. She has held a number of senior government portfolios and has served on non-profit boards and provided advice to civil society organizations.

Anna Smith
Newfoundland and Labrador

Anna has been active within Oxfam Canada since she joined the Memorial University of Newfoundland Oxfam Canada campus group Board of Directors in 2007. She is inspired by and passionate about Oxfam Canada’s focus on Women’s Rights and Climate Change. Anna believes that “the power of inspired, outraged, and enabled youth is immeasurable”, and is pleased to have the opportunity to provide support to youth leaders across the country. Anna is returning for her second term on Oxfam Canada’s Board of Directors.

Delvina Bernard
Nova Scotia

Delvina has spent the past 20 years working for not-for-profit organizations. As Executive Director of a not-for-profit government advisory council she has been directly responsible for overseeing financial management, implementing strategic planning and promoting accountability and best practices in the area of governance. She has been involved in women’s rights and gender issues for the past three decades. In addition to the Oxfam Canada board, she serves on the MSVU Dean’s Advisory Committee and Dalhousie University Medical School Equity Committee.

Gerry Barr, Secretary

Gerry has years of experience as a professional manager for labor and civil society organizations and coalitions. As a community organizer and trade unionist, and as a leader in the Canadian Council for International Cooperation he has worked to advance human rights and equity This has included supporting and, as a public spokesperson, promoting women’s rights and gender equality as part of CCIC’s “Ten Point Agenda” for Global Development.

Kent Macaulay

Kent decided to volunteer with Oxfam “because it considers social and economic justice nationally and internationally to be both the prerequisite and the catalyst for effective development abroad.” An active member in his community with a particular interest in multiculturalism, gay and lesbian issues, politics and policy development, Kent is “especially pleased that Oxfam Canada has prioritized women’s rights and gender equality in its work.” Kent is returning for his third term on Oxfam Canada’s Board of Directors.

Mary Ellen Maccallum
British Columbia

Mary Ellen worked for many years on international development projects and has beeen an Oxfam supporter for all of her adult life. Her work, first with First Nations people and Inuit, and subsequently overseas, has underscored the value of diversity and increased her awareness of the injustices experienced on a daily basis by people who are marginalized. To be effective as a board member, she believes it’s essential to recognize the role of equity and inclusiveness in counteracting injustice, be respectful of all and know how to listen.

Oliver Martin

Oliver has over a decade of experience working with senior-level corporate and public affairs executives and stakeholder engagement leaders to present primary research findings and uncover strategic insights. He has presented research insights at over 50 workshops and conferences in Canada, USA, Singapore, India, United Kingdom and Thailand. He is also a regular media commentator on public policy and sustainability issues.

Ricardo Acuña

Ricardo has spent over 25 years as a staff member, consultant, volunteer, and board member for numerous community, non-profit, labour, and political organizations. He has managed and monitored overseas development projects and provincial funding organizations, and built strong relationships with overseas communities. As Executive Director of a university-based think tank, he has extensive experience in financial management, fundraising and governance. Ricardo has also consulted for numerous organizations in strategic planning, governance, and fundraising

Oxfam Canada's Management Team

  • Julie Delahanty, Executive Director
  • Caroline Marrs, Director, International Programs
  • Hélène Paquet-Young, Director of Organizational Services
  • Lauren Ravon, Director of Policy and Campaigns
  • Leslie Turcotte, Director, Marketing and Fund Development

The involvement and contribution of the Management Team to the Board and organization as a whole is important to the ongoing success of Oxfam Canada.

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